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YPO’s core mission is to develop “Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange.”

Ray Hickok, YPO Founder

When founder Ray Hickok opened the first meeting of the Young Presidents’ Organization in 1950, not even he realized the effect YPO would have on the world of business. By sharing their experiences, those first 20 young presidents helped one another cope with the unusual pressures and pleasures of early business success. 

Our Organization
YPO is governed by members and supported by professional staff. The YPO International Board is elected annually and works directly with the organization’s Chief Executive Officer to meet members’ needs.

International Board of Directors
The International Board of Directors is YPO's governing body. Headed by an elected International Chairman, the board is comprised of 12 regional Elected Directors, together with up to 8 non-elected Directors. The Board of Directors may also include a reasonable number of non-voting Directors as determined by the Board of Directors. The board develops and maintains the organization's long-term vision and strategy, sets broad policy and assures that the organization can implement strategic moves.

To better manage the diverse programs and activities YPO offers its members, YPO has established geographical Regions, whose officers oversee Regional and Chapter activities within the Region. They are devoted to monitoring Chapter health and creating networking and education opportunities on a regional basis.

Chapters, the fundamental unit of YPO, are autonomous entities whose officers implement programs to provide members with meaningful and relevant education and peer networking opportunities. Chapter gatherings, held about 10 times a year, cover business topics, personal development and community issues, and include visits to member businesses.

The Power of Peers

No other leadership organization screens it applicants as closely as YPO, because true peer-based learning is the foundation of the YPO mission and experience. YPOers learn from their peers, they exchange ideas, ask for advice, and share best practices in an open and trusting way.