Welcome to the most dynamic chapter in YPO-WPO

YPO NYC is a part of YPO-WPO, the premier global network for chief executives. It has approximately 65 members from a broad spectrum of businesses.

The NYC Chapter strives to be one of YPO's most diverse memberships. Our members not only represent more than 50 different industries and business types, they also come from a multitude of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. YPO NYC also boasts a higher percentage of female executives than nearly any other chapter.

YPONYC has a powerful economic & social reach
Members of YPO New York City, while sharing strong economic reach, come from highly diverse backgrounds. YPO New York City boasts members from Asia, Europe, South and North America, including an active contingent of native New Yorkers. The chapter has one of the highest percentages of women in the global organization, especially women who run large corporations.

The YPO New York City Chapter has the combined economic clout of an established, growing nation. Its approximately 65 members oversee companies with a total corporate value of more than US$56.6 billion. The average member in the Chapter is responsible for $665 million in corporate value with 1,120 employees.

The companies of New York City Chapter are also diverse in their fields. Members lead companies in areas of technology and global communications; global financial services; healthcare; manufacturing; fashion and luxury; public relations & advertising; real estate; restaurants; shipping and more. Several are leaders in social entrepreneurism as well.  


YPO NYC at a Glance

  • Maximum of 80 members
  • Young, diverse membership
  • 11 percent female
  • 51 industries and cutting edge businesses
  • Eight Member and Spouse Forums

Ray Hickock

Hickok’s brilliantly simple concept proved to be just what the business world needed. In the decades since its founding, YPO has attracted an enormous global membership of leaders with multiple areas of interest and activities.

"For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, saw the vision of the world and all the wonder that could be."   –  Alfred Lord Tennyson (1842)

The Power of Peers

No other leadership organization screens it applicants as closely as YPO, because true peer-based learning is the foundation of the YPO mission and experience. YPOers learn from their peers, they exchange ideas, ask for advice, and share best practices in an open and trusting way.