Join for Business, Stay for Life

YPO-WPO members find their way to the organization to become better leaders in their businesses. But they quickly discover that the education goes well beyond the boardroom.

For members of YPO-WPO, the world shrinks and expands to meet their individual needs.

Nearly any business or personal issue can be resolved with the help of this global  network, whether it's gaining access to the best business minds of Harvard or Wharton, making a key international trade contact or connecting with the precise physician needed to resolve a family medical crisis.

With every experience at a YPO-WPO event, members gain a broader, wiser perspective into the forces affecting their companies, their families and their planet.

YPO-WPO members enjoy unparalleled access and benefits:

Education: Whether local or global, YPO-WPO educational programs give members and their families the knowledge they need to be effective leaders. Through extensive alliances with the world’s top business schools, awakened corporations and global leaders, members know that any YPO educational event will bring them the latest, unfiltered information they need to stay way ahead in the world.

Networks: Interest-specific groups are formed by members on any topic they wish. Networks draw from global membership rather than geographically based. To date, Networks exist on a full spectrum of topics from business and industry networks to fun, niche-focused networks, such as wine or cigar, to global-focused philanthropic groups. This is how YPOers truly customize their memberships.

Forum: Consistently ranked as the No. 1 service provided to members and spouses, Forum gives members the peer-to-peer feedback they so rarely obtain in life. Forums essentially serve as a member’s personal board of advisors, tackling any topic together in a strictly confidential, totally trustworthy environment.

Member Exchange: Another strictly confidential service, The Member Exchange combines the global networking power of all of YPO and its alumni. Members can ask for advice or assistance on any literally thousands of topics, and members’ decide for themselves on a case-by-case basis whether to share their expertise or open their networks in response. The Member Exchange has been credited with saving businesses and lives as members cut through red tape to help their fellow YPO-WPO members and families.

Family: Every great leader needs a great family. For that reason, the YPO experience is open to all spouses and children of YPO-WPO. From education, to Forum to events, YPO-WPO creates an environment in which families discover the world together, creating a legacy of leadership.